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Cape Trip
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Cape Cod - July 2003

Orleans, MA

Click any thumbnail photo for full size view (Mouse-over for hilarious caption...)

Happy Loving Couple

Landscape with Ken

The "Madwoman"

El Chica Loco

The Mountain Accountant

Headware Fashion Show


More smooching...

Hey watch those hands!

Owww, my spine!

Mommy will make it better...


Eeeek, out of my way! I saw a crab!!!

Ken: "A little more hair and I WILL be ready for that Monkees reuinion tour. Madeline: "Sit like an Egyptian..."

Nauset Beach

More Nauset


Ken hits a dinger!

Miller High Life - the Champagne of Beers!

How do I look with my hair like this?


Ken and Madeline

Drinking until the shadows grow long...

Sand, Sun, Ocean, Beer, Sky, Clouds, Friends, Family


More beach

Yet more beach

We're still at the beach

Cap'n Scooter

Long View - up the point

Looking back toward Nauset public beach

I can lift over 12oz with my right hand alone!

Interesting, so you say it's called "beer"?

Mrs. Goodwin relaxing on the veranda at the cape compound...

Mrs. Goodwin spots a Blue Herron

Don't you wish you were me?


Wildflowers with fence


The formal gardens


More flowers

Big Blue Flowers

Mill Pond Municpal Drinking Water System

Mrs. Goodwin on the grounds of the Goodwin compound

And on this note I bid you farewell....


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