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Chris's Alpha Delta Phi Page


ADP Crest

University of Rochester

Alpha Delta Phi Alumni Hall 'O Shame

ADP Crest

Here is a half-baked attempt to assemble a random collection of information about the current status and location of various "U of R" ADP alums.  If I get real bored, I'll try and enhance and expand this as time, motivation and energy allow...

In no particular order...

Name NickName(s) LastSeen E-mail
Timothy A .Baxter A-Head,Dickster Atlanta, GA BaxDig@aol.com
Michael S. Hearne WedgeHead, TR7Head Alexandria, VA mikehearne@aol.com
Brad Kalish Slug, Sluggo NYC, NY Bkalhcc@aol.com
Chris K. Goodwin Twis Arlington,VA ckgoodwin@mindspring.com
Bob G. Gliemi Beej, Bob-Gay-Bob
King Euch '96
Palm Beach, FL ??
Andy Berdon Toucan, Burden NYC, NY ABsails@aol.com
Jordan M. Stone Moses Westwood, MA JMSNORSTAMP@ worldnet.att.net
Eric Carlson Pugsley Reading, MA ecarlson@rankin.aspentec.com
Paul DiGiacomo Tiff,Tiff-head . PaulDigiac@aol.com
Rob Pungello Sponge Durham, NC punge@mindspring.com
Robert Goldman Hobie Manchester, NH HOBERS@aol.com
Josh Kamenecka . . JDK.wbst845 @xerox.com,
rsch2864@cl. uh.edu (??)
Arthur Lompado Spidey Huntsville AL lompado@liger.uah.edu,
RichSlingerland Slinky . Slingkey@aol.com
Chuck Spiteri Maltese Falcon Rochester, NY(?) Spiteri.XKeys@Xerox.com
Robert Sullivan Sully . 76042.1676@compuserve.com
Jay Taylor Lenny . bluejay@lucent.com
Russ McDermott Boltman Princeton, NJ boltman@aol.com
HarryCreaghan . . creaghan@superlink.net
ErynKantor . . eryn.kantor@kp.org
Kevin Farrell . SanFrancisco, CA farrell.kevin_ j@sanfrancisco. va.gov
Chris Carp(?) . . fish@ultranet.com
Hank Plaessman Hank, Hankster, Hank-the-Bank Sunnydale, CA hankplwe@aol.com
Ozzie Nawawi . . idhamn@bin aria.po.my
Pat Vogelsang Slim Pittsburgh, PA pjv@fore.com
Sanj Popli . . poplis@ssb-mbafull.ssb.roc hester.edu
Rob Pungello Sponge . sponge89@aol.com
Marc Beckman Biff, Birdman Syracuse, NY thezbeck @dreamscape.com,
Ted Kamenecka . . tkamenec@carbon.ps.uci.edu
WallyNilsen . . wnilsen859@aol.com
Tim Keeler . Honolulu, HI alohatim@lava.net
Todd Miller "theBod"[??] (ahhh...NO!) SanFrancisco ,CA Todd_Miller@LFI.ccmai l.compuserve.com
Ian D. Stuard,Jr. Izzy; Mr. Talking Member Temporal location:
Stamford, CT
Mental location:
Jim Aloise Weezy Colonie, NY Jaloise@hns.com
Pete Muscarella "Musky" Hillard, OH pmuscare@postbox.acs.ohio-state.edu
Ed Cory? . . xaipeadp@aol.com

Here is a link to the only U of R Alpha Delt WWW site I could find. WARNING: I don't know who made this site or why but it is still pretty LAME!!!

Nick Tahou's!

When you think of Rochester and Alpha Delta Phi, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Ok, how about the second?  RIGHT!  Nick Tahou's.  Well, here are some links to fascinating Nick's sites on the internet.

I am greatly saddened to report that our dear friend Nick Tahou passed away this past winter.  I know his memory will live on in all our hearts - most likely in the form of large fatty deposits on our aortas...

Want to submit an update, correction or new entry?  Well, you can't, right now.

I am working on a form to submit info and will update this page with that functionality when I get a chance .


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