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  The Buckley Rap

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The Buckley Rap
Buckley the Basenji
The Cabin
Cabin - Before
Cape Trip
Fine Cigars
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Parental Warning: 
Off-color Lyrics

My name is Buckley and I'm a Basenji
I kick the ass of wimps like Benji

Sent to the vet but I'm still bad
Clipped my balls - only made me mad

I'm back at home and on your couch
When I see you next you'll say ouch!

I love to bite and harass my owner
Lost my balls but can still sport a boner

I'm digging in the yard
I'm digging in the trash
Jumped on your table and heard a crash

Better walk me soon or you'll be bruisin'
I get my way and you keep losin'

I tug and pull when I'm on my walk
See your lips movin'
Don't know your talk

But deep inside I love you madly
Even when I'm behavin' badly!


Copyright 2001 - Barkless Dog Recordings

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