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The Updates

12.20.2008: Ok, so I should be updating this thing more than once year - what can I say?  The 2 kid thing has had us REALLY busy.  So, anyway - combined the kids' pages into one shared page, updated the family picture on the front page to retire our "blue period' picture.  More updates coming hopefully...

05.07.07: Grace Charlotte Goodwin born at 9:51AM - new page for her added to the site - now just need some content...

12.9.2006: Added new front page family photo and more photos and video to CJ's page

10.31.06: Updated the Jeep Commando subsite with an initial set of pictures.

10.10.2006:  Total revamp of the website during our move to a new web hosting provider.  Tried to greatly simplify the site, move old content to an archives section and added lot's of new stuff

10.17.2006: - More work in progress...


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